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psychotherapist, Sexologist & Economist, family constellation facilitator

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Why psychotherapy?


  • Quick, easy and safe way to solve your personal problems
  • New perspective, more clarity
  • Personal development and growth
  • Stop the war inside you and live your life in harmony
  • You deserve the best quality of life
  • Instant relieve
  • Investment in YOURSELF
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Each problem is a possibility, each conflict is evolution.

01. Psychotherapy

It is easy to have a better life.

Try the best psycho therapeutic techniques from Gestalt therapy, NLP, Family constellations, Internal family system, shadow work, inner child and etc.

Lets transform your situation today.

Online or live session


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02. Family constellation

We can overcome all types of issues by understanding the hidden dynamics of love. Looking at the bigger picture of your family tree you will be able to see your loyalties that prevent you to live your dreams.  

This therapy is developed by Bert Hellinger and becomes very popular because of the quick results and revelations.

Family constellation online

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03. Business Constellations

Look at your business as a live organism, with own needs, purpose and goals.

Innovative and effective method to diagnose and heal every system, organization or company.

You can increase the income, gain new markets, invent new products, improve the internal or external communication and so much more.

Online business constellation

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Why me?

  •  I become a Gestalt therapist in 2017 in Stonebridge Colleges
  • I have been trained for family constellation facilitator in Italy and in Bulgaria for more that 5 years.
  • I studied Primal therapy and Inner child therapy with Tarika (American therapist) and Premarta&Svarup (Italian therapists)
  • I have been trained by Svaghito
  • Studied with Bagat Zaylhofer – Trauma work and Art of dying.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with Kein Ramsy for more than 3300 hours. 
  • I have studied Social science in Paris.              
  • Dr. Ehrmann showed me the power of listening and international therapy



Patiences have instant relieve.


Improve the quality of their live and feel better.


Will strongly recommend my work.




I lived my live in an illusion as if it was not mine. Thanks to Family constellations I realized that this is not mine. Dr. Vacheva helped me to live my true destiny.


Dobrina D.

I couldn`t believe how quick and unexpected the therapy worked. So effective, only after a few session my life has changed.

Maria S.

I was lost. After my divorce there was a crazy period for me. Thanks to Dr. Vacheva i could get back on track and feel better. Now I believe in myself and I know what I want.

Anna S.