Why can’t I manifest what I want?

The problem with manifesting your desires is that inside your body, your energy is like spreaded into different parts. And all of them are part of you. Imagine one of them has that desire but the other is feeling quite the oppoasite, so it creates resistance or you may call it self sabotage.

So what you can do: take them to the same page.

But how: you just need to take time to talk with both of them.

1st you can mentally Invites the part that once that desire and talk about her feelings and why it wants it.

Then you invite the other part and ask it her feelings why it’s so important not to manifest that specific desire. Sometimes the 2nd part that looks like it’s sabotaging ourself, actually has a very good reason to protect us from that desire. Your work is to find a conpeomise between the 2 parts.

You can do this in writing or you can I made him that their 2 chairs each one representing a part of you.

Happy manifesting

Irena Vacheva PhD