If you are in dilemma

Sometime we are in position that you want two different things in the same time. Or we feel as if there are 2 different people who live inside us.

This is s a good exercise for you when you have this type of dynamics.

Start by watching the palms of your hands. Place the first aspect of you in your left hand. Let’s say that I want a new car, but at the same time a part of me doesn`t.

 I put the part with the desire for the new vehicle in my left hand. I will start to talk with it. I will ask why we need that to happen.

Then on my other hand`s palm I will put the opposite part of my desire. And talk with it also. Asking “How are you protecting me?”

Maybe my left side will tell me that we deserve the new car, that it is important to be safe o the road…and so on.

But the right side will have the opinion that it is dangerous to have another bank loan, or that the new car will be too fast and can kill us.

Then you need to find a solution or at least an understanding for both sides.

Then when you feel that you are ready just wait to see how the energy is pulling your two hands together. Because on one level every thing is one and it is integrated. The become one. And you will have a feeling of relaxation and expansion in you.

You may finish this practice by putting your both hands on your heart and to know that all parts of you are wanting to help you and keep you safe. Sense this gratitude.

by Irena Vacheva PhD

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