How to do it?

You should sit down on a comfortable for you place. Close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Relax. If you feel too tensed you can do some of the exercises for relaxation.

When you are ready, start imagining that you are walking barefoot on wonderful green grass. Feel your legs sinking into it. As you walk,  you reach a beautiful tree. What kind of tree is that? Is it big, or small. Is it alone or there are many tree around it? What color is that tree?

The tree is a metaphor for you yourself so take your time to examine and remember it. Admire it.

Now it is time to hug it. As if you  embrace a person you love. Feel yourself merging with the tree. Feel yourself inside it. Your legs are now the roots of the tree which reach deep in the ground. Feel how moist and fertile the soil is; how all vital ground saps go through your legs. Your torso is the stem of the tree. Pay attention to your spine that is the natural transporter of the earth saps and energy. Your head and hands are up high and represent the crown of the tree. You feel your hands fluttering and breathing freely high in the sky. Your whole body is a conductor of the energy from the core of the Earth to the cosmos. Enjoy this circulation in your whole body. You are now grounded. You are part of the universe. Your roots are strong and make you stable and steady.