I believe that every problem is coming from 2 types of trauma: childhood or trance generational. I have gathered the best techniques to heal and grow. I can make you happy, wealthy and healthy.

Why work together?

Dr. Irena Vacheva is a psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, sexologist, and facilitator in family constellations. In her practice, she primarily works with techniques from the American therapeutic school “Internal Family Systems,” created by Richard C. Schwartz.

After completing her higher education in Paris with a degree in social sciences, Dr. Vacheva felt a strong attraction to studying human psychology. Her interest in new technologies led her to Marseille 3 Technical University, where she continued her education. Subsequently, her life shifted toward economics and finance, culminating in a Master’s degree in Finance from Veliko Tarnovo University, followed by a PhD in Economics and Finance from VUZF.

She completed training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Kane Ramsey and “integral consulting” under the guidance of Dr. Ehrman, which further enriched her professional profile. In 2017, Dr. Vacheva completed her training as a Gestalt therapist at Stonebridge University in England, where she acquired skills in working with complex human emotions and behavioral patterns.

She successfully went through a three-year training with Rumen Yankulov, where she studied the method of family constellations, as well as training in integral constellations and evolutionary techniques with Lorenzo Campeze. She has also attended workshops with Idris Lahore, Swagito Liebermeister, Bhagat Zailhofer, Shavasti, and Francesca Mason Boring.

Her meeting with Sadhguru in London had a significant influence on her spiritual path, helping her to reach deep understandings of unity and enlightenment. She is currently completing training in Object Relations and is greatly inspired by Melanie Klein and her followers.

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